Bart Weisman


Bart Weisman Music, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


The Bart Weisman Jazz Group CD is available for sale or digital downloading at CDBabyApple iTunes, and many other sites. The CD has been sold & downloaded in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

"A continuously solid rhythm section, effortless improvisations and the vocal interpretations of Carol Wyeth all work to make Bart Weisman Jazz Group a swinging CD."

- Provincetown Arts 

The Bart Weisman Klezmer Swing Group CD is available for sale or digital downloading at 

CD Baby, Apple iTunes and many other sites.

"The group's CD is one of those recordings that takes you back to the days before the MP3 when really good record albums were listened to from start to finish because one song logically belonged before the next, the sequence making its own kind of music.  This it that kind of album. It takes you on that kind of musical trip."

- Banner Newspaper


  • Bryden Williams, On The Edge (2019)

  • Bart Weisman Klezmer Swing Group (2018)

  • Joe Mongelli, WashAshore (2016)

  • Bart Weisman Smooth Jazz Group (2016)

  • Dane Vannatter, Give Me Something Real (2015)

  • Zoe Lewis (2015)

  • Cape Cod Jazz Quintet (2013)

  • Elias Lieberman, This River (2013)

  • Cerise with Bob Hayes Band (2013)

  • Tedi Marsh, Different Road (2013)

  • Gerry Beaudoin Trio, Ode To A Summer's Night (2013)

  • Marcia Wytrwal & John Dirac, The Very Thought... (2013)

  • Bart Weisman Klezmer Swing Group (2012)

  • Monica Rizzio, All Wrapped Up For the Holidays (2012)

  • Russ Wilcox, Don't Get Around Much (2012)

  • Dan Sullivan, Cape Cod Magic (2010)

  • Patricia Fitzpatrick, A Dream or Two (2010)

  • Peter Donnelly, Road With No End (2007)

  • Provincetown Stars (2007)

  • Lisa Jason, Road To Me (2007)

  • Bart Weisman Jazz Group, Featuring Carol Wyeth (2005)

  • Bart Weisman, Washington Standard Time (1999)

  • Capital Klezmers, String of Pearls (1994)